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The First of Its Kind... the Scare Dancer® Inflatable Scarecrow

You've tried everything else. Now it's time to try something that's completely different.

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How it works

Normal scarecrows would work great... if they only had a brain. The truth is that all other pest deterrent solutions on the market do not work in the long run because they fail to address the one thing that birds and animals fear the most... movement. Not just any movement, but life-like movement. Animals will always be frightened by mankind, and while this is not human, it's the next best thing. That's why we call it The first scarecrow with brains.™



The Scare Dancer® Inflatable Scarecrow uses a unique combination of color, sound, and movement that will keep them guessing season after season.

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Our electric models are designed to allow you to expand its capabilities with a 4" sewer and drain pipe which will enable you to extend its reach or focus its action on a specific area.

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Scare Dancer® products don't just apply to gardens. Fishermen use them to keep birds from lighting in their boathouse and dock.

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Stop sharing the fruit of your labor with the birds, squirrels, coons, deer, and other animals once and for all.

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Boathouse and Dock

Tired of cleaning up after the birds? Keep birds from lighting in your boathouse or dock for good.

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Food Plot

Use our cordless models to keep your food plot seed safe until it's time for hunting season.

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THIS REALLY WORKS!!! It has absolutely kept the birds out of our: cherries, plums, peaches and nectarines!

– Kellie G.

67 years old and this is the FIRST summer that my wife and I have not had to share our figs with all the birds in the neighborhood, and it's ALL thanks to this ingenious little AirCrow and the huge job he does!

– Robert M.

Best invention yet! I tried EVERYTHING from all the Bird experts; sonic, ultrasonic, scare devices, owls, even a net over the whole pool. Nothing worked. I bought the AirCrow and it was like magic. This is an excellent product and WORKS!

– Allan

GREATEST PEST DETTERRENT EVER! Finally won the battle with pests in my garden. This is the best harvest of fruits and vegetables I've ever had.

– gg

Scares birds and they stay away. We feed a couple of outdoor cats on our patio and the birds would of course come and eat the cat's food, this blower keeps them 75 feet away.

– Amazon Customer

Bird poop ruining your day? Problem solved. It Works!!! I'm using this item to prevent birds from roosting over my boat which is over the water in a boat house. The almost complete absence of bird droppings in my boat this weekend has me convinced that this is the way to go.

– bassplayer1971

The results speak for themselves

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