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Keep Your Food Plot Seed Safe Until It Sprouts

Keep Your Food Plot Seed Safe Until It Sprouts
Have you ever planted a food plot only to have the seed eaten by wildlife before it ever had a chance to sprout? If it isn’t the crows scratching up the seed, then it's the hogs, and many times it's even the turkeys that gobble it up. By the time season opens there is nothing left but a few sprigs of grass here and there.

The Scare Dancer® Inflatable Scarecrow was originally designed for backyard gardeners and farmers, but with advent of our cordless models, we've opened the door for many new applications.

Here's how to set it up:
  1. In the middle of your food plot tap a T-post well into the ground to support the weight of the control box.
  2. Mount the control box on the T post.
  3. Place the inflatable attachment over the top of the blower.
  4. Set the timer for the desired times to come on and off. It doesn’t take much to scare the wildlife out, usually 10-15 seconds every 30 minutes to 1 hour is enough. There may be periods of time when you need to activate the blower more frequently, however, the less you run the unit the longer the battery will last.
  5. Connect the wires of the blower to your battery and be sure the fuse is in-line. A traditional 7.5 amp deer feeder battery should work sufficiently. The control box can easily hold two of these batteries and with some adjustment even a third battery. For a longer time between charges we recommend the use of a 90-100 amp hour rechargeable deep cycle marine battery.
  6. Test the unit to make sure it is properly connected and then set it to run.
When the blower is activated, the air will quickly inflate the Scare Dancer® attachment and the it's movement will frighten away the wildlife. Once your seed has sprouted and grown to the level that it can be browsed without being destroyed, remove the Scare Dancer® unit and get ready to hunt.

You will be able to successfully use this technique, season after season, to keep away the wildlife until your food plot is ready for hunting. Large food plots may require more than one unit to work effectively.

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