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Plot Protector Pro (Motion Sensor)


Plot Protector Pro (Motion Sensor)

Plot Protector Pro is a hunter’s or gardener’s best defense against unwanted pests. For the hunter’s food plot, this 12-volt solar powered scarecrow is the most effective way to protect you're planted seed from the wildlife consuming it before it has time to sprout. For the gardener, you will get continual protection from unwanted pest from seed time to harvest time.

Simply mount the unit and the solar panel on a T-post (not included), attach to the inflatable, and start protecting your garden plot immediately.

The Plot Pro Protector has been proven to be effective against the invasion of birds, deer, hogs, squirrels, and many others.

This USA made product comes complete with the following Items:

  •    Motion sensor
  •    12 Volt, 12 amp hour sealed lead battery
  •    12 Volt blower
  •    10 Watt solar panel
  •    2 inflatables - 7 ‘ tube and 3 ½’  little man
  •    Galvanized control box
  •    2 galvanized T-post adapters
  •   130 decibel yelp siren with magnet base
  •   LED light with magnet base
  •   12 Volt battery charger

You can easily change the direction of the LED light and the siren with the magnetic base and each one comes with a quick disconnect.

All of the parts can be easily replaced.

T-post Is not included. Can be purchased at most hardware stores. A 7-7 ½  foot T-post is recommended.

Comes with one year warranty against manufacturer defects. The effectiveness of the product on your subject pest may vary.

The area that it will cover depends on the type of wildlife you are trying to deter. Please contact us for more information about this or your particular situation.

The amount of time the unit can run is dependent upon the amount of charge the 12 Volt battery receives from the solar panel in each day.


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